Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Well done Beckers and Pongo...

Chris and Jo get ready for Carnaval at El Plantio International School of Valencia

Chris and Jo getting ready for another day at school

Well done Chris and Jo. Today was Carnaval Day at El Plantio International School in Paterna, Valencia and all the children were invited to dress up in a costume of their choice. Chris dusted off his David Beckham outfit complete with leather football (Beckham still seems to be currency in Spanish football eyes when anyone wants to make reference to the beautiful game without naming it outright!). A haircut last night and as much gel as his hair would absorb were part of the morning's preparations.

Jo managed to recreate the 'Pongo' outfut from 101 Dalmations - she's quite used to colouring in black spots on stickers, making tails and 'spotting-up' her face is mascara now - and this time, she won first prize in her class for the best fancy dress.

I don't remember ever being allowed to dress up in anything other than shorts, shirt, tie, cap and blazer when I was at school! Makes me sound like an old person!

Friday, 1 February 2008

No contamina, ni gasto gasolina!

Holding up the streets of Valencia in support of the bike

Well it wasn't the Paris riots of 1968, but it was busy, loud and brought the streets of Valencia to a temporary halt. Yes, we've been out on a protest cycle tonight - pedalling slowly around the streets of the old city, delaying the rush hour traffic, though studiously avoiding entering the bus lanes (busses are OK in this anti pollution, anti-global warming, pro-bike new world here in VLC!). So whilst people in the UK have been brought to a halt in the city and motorway rush hours this evening due to blizzards and snowdrift, we've been bringing misery to the streets of VLC with our protect which must have been around 1,000 strong including children on bikes, babies and toddlers in bike trailers.


The chants, "No contamina, ni gasto gasolina!", frequent rounds of applause, a ghetto blaster, whistles and the occasional car horn in a half-hearted return protest added to the lighthearted nature of the evening. I for one cannot wait for the next bike protest... I hear there's another meeting in a couple of weeks, supported by the Valencia Metro where we can travel with our bikes on the tube - and get free sandwiches at the end of the gig. Sounds great!